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New Supplement 293 - May 2014
Childrens Fashion, Collection 2 - May 2013
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 Complete Instruction Video. Click here to see a video demonstration of our pattern making system.
"Sewing for yourself
is economical and fulfilling
when you create
clothes that fit well."

Making fashionable, professional looking clothing, requires complete control over fabric, style and fit.

Choosing and making your own patterns, is the ideal way to create your individual style and achieve consistently proper fitting garments. The Lutterloh pattern making system is the perfect solution for today's busy sewer.

Fashion conscious sewers from around the world have been using the Lutterloh method for decades, beginners and professionals alike. This system is quick and easy to learn. Astonishingly simple, you need only two measurements to make an excellent fitting pattern every time.

Click here to see a video-demonstration of our Pattern Making System.

Enjoy the Lutterloh patterns and a lifetime of sewing pleasure!

Silvia Lutterloh

*** Special Price *** The Lutterloh System & 2 CurvesThe Lutterloh System
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Lutterloh System® XL & XXLSupplement Nr. 293
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One year subscriptionFuller Figure Nr. 32
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Childrens Fashion, Collection 2Mens Fashion Nr. 27
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Tailors-curve + Designers-curve incl. protecting coverTailors-curve incl. protecting cover
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Designers-curve incl. protective cover3 rolls of Pattern Tracing Paper
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The Lutterloh System

our system exists since 1935 and is offered in over 40 countries and is translated in 15 different languages.

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Tiffany, PA
this system really works, I love this system...
Susan, NV
This system makes clothes the fit any size man, woman or child...
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