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The internet’s an awesome place to learn how to sew, but you’re still going to miss some good ol’, homegrown tricks. Lucky for you, we’ve interviewed some of the world’s most famous grandmas! Did your grandma teach you these sewing tips and tricks? If not, buckle up, because we’re going to give you the best tricks in the game from grandmas around the world. 

1.) Dull needles? No problem! 

Don’t you just hate when you thread a needle, only to find out that it’s completely dull? Say goodbye to the groans of annoyance with this trick. Instead of soft cotton, fill your pin cushion with steel wool to keep your needles as sharp as Grandma’s wit! 

2.) Nail polish… it’s not just for nails! 

The worst thing in the world is finishing up a beautiful new design, only to have the thread start fraying on you a few months later. This problem dies here, though! All you got to do is paint a little bit of clear nail polish over the thread when you’re finished, and it won’t fray anymore. 

3.) Let’s go back to math class. 

Okay… we’re not really taking you back to math class. Just using some of the supplies! Use graph paper as a hem guide to measure out out even stitches. It’s thinner than regular paper, so your sewing machine will have no problem punching through. 

How’s that for some neat tricks? We know grandmas can’t teach you everything, which is why we’re excited to offer tips and tricks monthly!

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