Our dressmaking techniques have been in circulation since the early 20th century, where in 1935, Maria Aigenberger Lutterloh came up with her ingenious system for making customized dressmaking patterns from just a single template. Taking inspiration from the art theorists of ancient Greece, we use’ve adapted their idea of the “Golden Ratio” into our dressmaking techniques in order to find proper relative measurements for different parts of the human body.

The most famous rendering of this “Golden Ratio”, otherwise known as the “Golden Section” or “Golden Rule”, is in Leonardo Da Vinci’s iconic illustration of a man with arms outstretched in a circle and square, with the measurements and formulae inscribed within the same drawing.

Ingeniously, Ms. Aigenberger saw this Golden Ratio, and thought of the many possibilities wherein it could be applied to dressmaking, she swiftly went to work and thus our timeless and elegant dressmaking solution was realized. Her finished work was so exacting and precise, that he methods revolutionized the dressmaking world. Her techniques are still being used today by dressmakers all over the world to easily make multiple copies of a single particular dress pattern in as many shapes, sizes and measurements as necessary.

With such a powerful tool under our belts, we have been able to deliver one of the most powerful and revolutionary dressmaking systems ever designed in the history of the craft, and now in the 21st century, we are able to bring that very same system to the whole of the world. To find out more, see our tutorial video above, or visit our shop page to see exactly what we have been able to do with our world-renowned system.