Because of our own state-of-the-art and innovative system for creating customized dressmaking patterns, we’re able to put out dozen of flexible,varied and customizable dressmaking patterns every year; something that would be impossible if it were not for the amazing groundwork that our company is built on. That’s why we’re able to put out new patterns and designs on our site every single season.

The Lutterhloh system only requires two measurements in order to work successfully, bust and hip.  Our specialized tape measure allows the dressmakers in question to easily deduce entire body measurements and proportions from just these two intial measurements, resulting in a foolproof method for creating entire body-length patterns from just two measurements, whilst ensuring that the finished dress or outfit is in correct proportion to the person who would be wearing it. Our Tailors curves and Acrylic Designers Curves included within our packages have also been included to ensure that curved instances on a pattern can be measured and plotted smoothly and without fault, streamlining and safeguarding the process of creating your pattern, whilst also allowing you to use your time economically and cut out unnecessary delicacy when plotting curves on your work in progress patterns.

Choosing and creating your patterns has never been easier now because of the steps we have taken over the years to deliver to you a streamlined and fully serviceable product, straight out of the package. When you buy from us you can be assured that you are getting something which is not just easy to use, but will also last you your entire dressmaking career, as our patterns and pattern creation system are both timeless and simple to implement, you will always be able to find a use for them whatever project you happen to be working on. Head over to our shop now to find out more.

Sewing Patterns for You from Lutterloh-System®