Dress making is a constantly evolving skill set. The seasons change, and fashion trends move on, styles come in, and then go out, and the infinite plethora of occasions to wear a dress on is constantly expanding. Whomever you may be designing and creating for, you’ll want an outfit that stands out, and presents itself as a handwork with his uniquely yours. That’s why it’s important to make sure your fundamentals are as prime and up to date as they can possible be. Our family have been in the dressmaking business for generations, with over 75 years of experience under our collective belts, we have our own in house pattern and sewing techniques and methods to fashion a dress you can be proud to be using in your workshop.

As there’s no one-size fits all when it comes to the perfect dress, we’re here to work with you to make something that works for perfectly for whatever occasion you may be preparing for. Our top of the line processes and kits come packaged with written instructions on how to use our revolutionary system, as well as an instructional DVD and an online video, equipping you with everything you need for any scope of project, whether it be a small project for yourself to an entire range of dresses for a specific occasions.

Over the years it’s been to our family’s great pride to ensure that we bring the best resources and trade secrets of dress making to the public, by any means we can. That’s why we’ve packaged everything you need together into one easy to operate and understand product which contains everything you will need to undergo whatever specific project you may have in mind.