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3 rolls of pattern drafting paper. The ideal paper to draft your sewing patterns on. Each roll is 0,70 m wide and 10 m long or 27 inches wide and 10 yards long.  


62 Sewign Patterns and Fashion Styles for Fuller Figure.

Sewing Patterns

Classic Supplement Nr. 32


76 fashion styles and sewing patterns for fuller figure


40 patrones de costura para la temporada invierno, primavera 2017, 2018. En este Suplemento encontrará patrones de costura y vestido para mujeres y niños.

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Sewing Patterns

Collection File


The Collection File holds up 24 of our quarterly supplements.


El Lutterloh System® XL y XXL Edition no. 2 consta de instrucciones escritas un DVD de instrucciones, consejos de costura, 64 modas (ver más abajo) y patrones, una regla de corte de cartón y un jestuche de trabajo.


The Lutterloh System® XL & XXL Edition no. 2 consists of written instructions an instruction DVD, sewing hints, 64 Fashions (see below) and Patterns, a cardboard tailors curve and a tool-set.


On this DVD fabulous May Martin will give you many tips and tricks how to sew a beautiful dress.

Sewing Patterns

Men Supplement Nr. 27


70 fashion styles & pattern designs for men


One year subscription 4 Supplements with 160 sewing patterns and fashion designs. You will receive for one year the newest seasonal editions.

Sewing Patterns

Seam Allowance Guide


Seam Allowance Guide for Scissors. No more tracing around pattern pieces.  


consists of written instruction an instruction DVD, sewing hints, 97 fashion styles with their corresponding sewing patterns, a cardboard tailors curve and a tool-set.

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