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Sewing Patterns

Vintage Collection No. 1


40 Vintage fashions and patterns. Beautiful Patterns for Costumes, Summer Dresses, Petticoat, Beach and Pool wear, Evening gowns, Sportswear and more.


54 sewing patterns and fashion styles for children.

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The ultimate tool for designing, drawing and altering sewing patterns. Great for curves like armholes, sleeves, collars, necklines, crotch curves etc.  

Sewing Patterns

XL/XXL New Supplement


The XL and XXL new collection consists of 64 fashion styles with their corresponding pattern designs. These patterns can only be made with the XL/XXL tape measure with the blue scale.

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A total of 222 Fashions and Sewing Patterns for fuller figure women.

$79.00 / year

One year subscription 4 Supplements with 160 sewing patterns and fashion designs. You will receive for one year the newest seasonal editions.


consists of written instruction an instruction DVD, sewing hints, 97 fashion styles with their corresponding sewing patterns, a cardboard tailors curve and a tool-set.

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El Lutterloh System® XL y XXL Edition no. 2 consta de instrucciones escritas un DVD de instrucciones, consejos de costura, 64 modas (ver más abajo) y patrones, una regla de corte de cartón y un jestuche de trabajo.


280 Sewing Patterns and Fashion Designs.  DVD and written Instruction, a tool kit and a cardboard tailor curve.


280 Patrones de costura y diseños de moda. DVD e instrucción escrita, un juego de herramientas y una curva de cartón a medida.


The Lutterloh System® XL & XXL Edition no. 2 consists of written instructions an instruction DVD, sewing hints, 64 Fashions (see below) and Patterns, a cardboard tailors curve and a tool-set.

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